TennesseeCIO is supported by executive level, strategic sponsors known as Underwriters.

Meet Our TennesseeCIO Underwriters

TennesseeCIO is supported by executive level, strategic sponsors known as Underwriters. Senior executives representing these organizations serve on TennesseeCIO's Advisory Board and attend the CIO-led, non-commercial chapter leadership programs.

Veristor harnesses deep expertise in today’s most advanced data center, security, networking, hybrid cloud and big data technologies. We work shoulder to shoulder with our customers to make technology truly work for them.

To connect with Verinext, contact Mark Segars at

Kanini is a services firm focused on catalyzing the digital transformation journey of their customers. It is charting this path of transformation through innovation, agile mindset, Flexible engagement models and led by its proven Global Delivery Framework. Much like the unique nature of businesses, their needs and preferences will also differ. Kanini customizes the processes without going against fundamental aspects of the agile software development methodology to drive the results for its customers. Understanding the businesses and their differences in preferences is at the core for developing successful solutions. As a software development company, Kanini has a broader niche beyond agile software development.

To connect with Kanini, contact Babu Krishnasamy at

Lumen's core purpose is to further human progress through technology. We believe humanity is at its best when it produces innovative technologies that advance the ways we live and work. Our mission is to deliver amazing customer experiences that power next-gen business applications, integrating global network infrastructure, cloud connectivity, edge computing, connected security, voice, collaboration and enterprise-class services into a seamless experience.

To connect with Lumen, contact Anthony Monaco at

Concord is a next-generation technology consultancy focused on Experience, Data and Cloud Engineering and Modernization. We go beyond basic systems integration. Leveraging engineering, technology and industry depth and expertise we do the challenging work required to integrate, optimize and activate systems and data to accelerate business impact and value.

To connect with Concord, contact Katie Nelson (Concord) at

Google Cloud partners with organizations across the globe to achieve their strategic initiatives by modernizing IT, supercharging data insights, and accelerating innovation via the power of cloud technology.

To connect with Google Cloud, contact John Burtchaell at

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